>Calling All Techno-Challenged Friends

April 28, 2011

>Last year, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone (otherwise known as Facebook) and venture into Twitter. It was strange and fast-paced and I didn’t understand why I was only limited to 140 characters when Facebook just let me ramble on. I also didn’t understand why people were putting in seemingly random words with a # sign. The strangest thing, however was that unlike Facebook, where I could invite people to friend me, I had no control of who entered my Twitterverse. Sure, I could delete people, but I found it odd that I couldn’t invite people. I quickly gave up on Twitter. Every now and again, I would return, determined to figure it out and every time I would feel defeated.

After doing much research on self-publishing, marketing and social networking, I decided that I had no choice but to figure this Twitter thing out once and for all. I also had to venture into LinkedIn, another site I had been avoiding like the plague.

Well guess what? It turns out these sites are not so scary after all! I’m still learning, but there are so many resources on-line to walk you through, including a great blog by fellow writer and tech-training guru, Jenny Hansen. The how-to Twitter posts on her blog helped answer so many of my questions – thank you Jenny!

Jenny is currently running a great contest on her blog. The rules are easy – post a comment between now and May 17 telling her what areas you would like to learn more about and she will randomly pick winners to attend one of three free one hour webinars addressing several of the requested issues over the next few months.

You can check out all the details here

Spread the word!

Oh and by the way – you can now find me on twitter (@karentoz) AND LinedIn (Karen Pokras Toz). How’s that for progress? You can also follow Jenny (@Jhansenwrites) Thanks!


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