>You Pronounce That How?

June 14, 2011

>There is a growing debate in our household and it stems around accents.

I grew up in Connecticut – I don’t have an accent (that’s my story & I’m sticking to it). My mother grew up in the Bronx – she does. For example, she likes to add the letters “er” to any word ending in an “a”. Soda becomes Soder. My alma mater, Ithaca College, becomes Ithacer. Santa was always Santer. You get the idea. She also likes to drop H’s – the word ‘huge’ becomes ‘uge’. For the sake of our relationship, I will stop here…

Besides, I have a bigger pet peeve: the Philadelphia accent.

I have lived just outside of Philadelphia now, for 17 years. All three of my children were born here. My husband was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. Talk about accents! I’ve managed to brainwash (I mean teach) them pretty well, but every now and again, their phillyspeak sneaks through.

For example, my youngest thought water was spelled ‘wooder’. My daughter said ‘goil’ instead of ‘girl’ for the longest time, and my oldest will often ask if he can make himself a ‘begel’ instead of a ‘bAgel’. My husband has miraculously managed to lose most of his accent, but it always sneaks back in when he watches sports. You can hear him yelling, “come awwwwnnn” for miles, when he watches the ‘Iggles’ aka the ‘Eagles’.

Now back to my supposed Connecticut accent … my Philadelphia family constantly mocks me because of my accent. So let’s set the record straight …

Clothes are kept in drawers, pronounced “draws” not “draw –ers”
I clip coupons, pronounced “Q-pons” not “coup – ons”
I talk on the phone, pronounced “phOne”, not “phowen”

Oh & I drink “wa T er”

Let the comments fly … oh & to all my Philly friends: xoxo love youse guys 😉


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