>Hey everyone – this week flew by (at least for me!) Here’s what’s been going on in my little world…

1. Fever! It’s never easy having a child who is sick. But, when you have a kid who has already fought off a bout of meningitis, “Mommy, my neck hurts,” coupled with a fever takes on a whole new meaning! So I did what any crazy mother would do, I called the doctor’s office and demanded he be seen ASAP. Of course once I told my four year old our destination, he insisted he was cured. He stuck with this story during his entire examination. But, since he still had a decent fever, the doctor gave us the run down on the list of things to watch for. He stayed status quo for the day, until he woke up at 2:30 in the morning with 105 fever. Oh yeah – that doctor got woken up in the middle of the night. I love when doctors tell you to call back if the fever goes above 105 or he starts seizing – I mean – really?? Day three – still feverish, although thankfully, not as high with no further complaints of neck pain.  Poor little guy!

2. Construction. I was going to list the roof and the roadwork separately, but honestly, they were both equally driving me batty with noise this week. The new roof on our house was supposed to be a one-day job. It turned into a five-day, very loud job. At least no one fell off any ladders, although I do have some garden casualties from their tarps and debris. The water company, as I posted last week, is putting new water lines in our street. We have the lucky property with the fire hydrant, so we get extra noise – every morning at exactly 7am. At least it is all done now, I think. Even my 4 year old is over it – seen one bulldozer, seen them all.

3. Book News. A little delay here, a little delay there… But, it’s all good, because things are still moving along with NATE ROCKS THE WORLD. I’m expecting to get look at the cover later today. I’m crazy excited and will of course give everyone a sneak peek! The rest of the interior design is expected to be ready later in the week – cannot wait – then it is off to the printer for a final proof! I have also been busy figuring out e-formatting for all the kindle/nook/sony/apple users out there. I have to admit, I’ve never used one of these devices. I still like the old fashioned way of holding a physical book in my hands, but I may acquiesce soon. In addition, I’ve been busy lining up interviews and book reviews. If you would like to feature NATE ROCKS THE WORLD on your own blog later this summer, please let me know.

4. Last Week of School. Finally, the last week for my two older kids!! I think I’m just as excited as they are, although I am still in denial that my oldest will be only one year away from high school! In reality, they ended last week, but I guess since we had quite a few snow days, there are hours to make up. This last week actually is more like transition into summer – they have field trips, color war, assemblies, and the dreaded cleaning of the lockers. I think both kids really had great school years, with a lot of discovery, learning, new friends, and growth (especially my 6’3” 13 year old!) Thanks to the teachers and staff for another successful year!

5. Dance Recital. I will no doubt, talk about this next week, as the actual recital is on Saturday. However, the week before the recital is definitely post worthy since it is, as my parents would say – meshuga. My daughter is in eight dances spread over two back-to-back shows. That means, there are many costumes that need to be organized with appropriate accessories: hair decorations, shoes, tights, makeup and other assorted items, including the black and white wristbands my daughter just informed me YESTERDAY that she needs for TOMORROW. I also have yet to sew the straps on one of the costumes. Big giant YUK. Then there are all the hairstyle/makeup changes I have to remember and get right. And the schedule – – trying to figure out what dance is when and how many dances we have in between her dances to change everything out. In case you couldn’t tell, “meshuga” means crazy & then some. But it’s all worth it!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend – thanks for checking in. See you next Friday… and hopefully sooner!



>Wow this week really flew by! I hope everyone had a great week. While sitting here trying to narrow down my week into five topics, I realized that a few of the things going on are continuations of last’s weeks Friday Five. I guess that makes sense in a way, since not everything ends on Fridays (in fact many believe everything will end this Saturday.) I was hoping to continue my Mac Obsessed post, but it is not here yet, so stay tuned for that next week.

So let’s get right to it:

1. Dance Competition Mom’s bragging rights for a moment – my daughter and all of the dancers in her studio ROCKED. Many of the high score awards went to them. Way to end competition season & most importantly we had an awesome time! Thank you to my friend Julie for driving.

2. Blogger troubles – this is actually from last week, but I wanted to address it. Last week, Blogger had all kinds of trouble. In order to fix whatever wasn’t working, they had to delete everyone’s posts from last week. They have since retored them, but not the comments that went along. I bring this up because I had some great comments from you all on my Social Networking post that are now gone. I didn’t want you to think I deleted them! I appreciate all your comments & hope you will continue to leave them. Hopefully Blogger is still working to restore everything.

3. Nate Rocks the World – D-O-N-E! Well sort of. I received the manuscript back from my awesome editor Lyn Worthen from Camden Park Press . (Thank you Lyn!) I am three-quarters of the way into making all the changes (which are 95% grammatical/punctuation… blushing in corner while I apologize to my English teachers…) Next stop for my manuscript is to my designer Deana Riddle from BookStarter who is busy working on the cover art. (I tried really I did, but I decided to leave it to a pro) I am now actively looking for reviewers! Contact me if interested.

4. New Book! At the advice of my editor, I started working on another book – a sequel that I am calling NATE ROCKS THE BOAT. Very rough draft of chapter 1 is complete! I also am hoping to publish my “grownup” book INVISIBLE at some point before the end of next year… still working on finding time to refine that one.

5. AquaNotes A few weeks ago I had a blog post called Scenes From My Shower where I talk about how I come up with so many great ideas in the shower, but have no where to write them down. Well the other day I stumbled upon this product called AquaNotes. At just $6.99 for a pad of 40 sheets I couldn’t resist. Delivery was quick and I had a chance to test it out this morning. The pad and pencil easily stick to the wall with suction cups. All I can say is THANK YOU AquaNotes. I jotted down so many notes for this blog post while in the shower today (which unfortunately you can’t see since the camera on my phone was not cooperating this morning). The only problem will be my increased water bill since now there is no reason for me to rush to get out.

Thanks for checking in… see you next Friday (& hopefully sooner) ….


>Several times this week, I tried to sit down to write a blog post. The truth is, this week has been NUTS. So many things were going on that I could have written fifty blog posts. Unfortunately, with a crazy week also comes the lack of free time to write. Therefore, I thought I would start a new regular blog article called “The Friday Five.” In addition to my regular blog posts, I will now pick five topics of interest (to me at least) to talk about every Friday.

So let’s get started with the first official “The Friday Five” on this Friday the 13th :

1. Chicks! Last Friday, my son’s preschool class received an incubator with several eggs from a local farm. After much anticipation and care, the eggs hatched on Monday! Everyone was so excited to see the adorable fluffy chicks. My son was disappointed to learn he would not be bringing them home. His teacher was just glad that they were “a-l-i-v-e.” I learned that brown chicks are male. Talk about cute!!! Sadly, the chicks returned to the farm yesterday.

2. Editors and Designers, Oh My After many MANY rounds of self-editing, I decided it was time to get serious with NATE ROCKS THE WORLD. So I asked, researched, surfed, did everything possible to find both an editor and cover designer who understood my goals, style, personality & most importantly – budget. Very exciting!!

3. Mac Obsessed! Many of you have seen my rants on Facebook lately about my laptop. To make a long story short, I am on my 2nd laptop in 4 years and it is misbehaving terribly. It seemed like everywhere I turned, people were telling me to get a Mac. After many weeks of deliberations and drooling, my husband surprised me on Mother’s Day, by telling me it was time to go to the other side. I am now waiting for it to arrive. If anyone is interested in hearing about where I got an amazing deal, leave me a comment. Bye-bye disposable computers.

4. The Dentist Look, I have nothing against dentists, I just would prefer they finish the work they scheduled me for before they go and sell their practice! One root canal down and one crown waiting, I get the call that my dentist is no more. I still have to finish this crown; plus go for one more root canal, 3 more crowns and an extraction. Luckily, the new person takes my dental insurance, but that is all I know about him/her. Oh & for those who are wondering, I do take good care of my teeth! I’m just on RA meds that work against my efforts (and my pocketbook).

5. Dance competitions Tonight, my daughter and I leave for her fourth & final dance competition of the year. It is a few hours away so we will be staying overnight. Her first performance is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning on Saturday (Ouch!) Did our parents do all this running around for us? Regardless, I am one proud mama to my uber talented daughter. Here’s wishing her and all the dancers from her studio good luck tomorrow!!!

Thanks for checking in… see you next Friday (& hopefully sooner) ….