>Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone here in the U.S. enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. I can’t believe it is June already – in a good way of course, I am not a winter person! It feels like the school year just started and now there are only a few more weeks of school left and then summer vacation! Speaking of summer, here’s what has been going on in my world this week:

1. Work. For this who don’t know, in my real life, I am an accountant. Specifically, I prepare taxes. Believe it or not, I enjoy it. (Did I put you to sleep yet?) But… tax season only lasts so long – thank goodness; and the last few years I have taken the summers off. It started because there just wasn’t enough tax work during the summer months to keep me busy, but honestly, I’ve gotten used to the schedule and I like it! This week was the first official week of my summer vacation… aaahhhh. Yay, more writing time for me.

2. Heat wave! Wow has it been hot here all week! I feel like for weeks I’ve been waiting for the cold dreary rain to end so I could get out into my garden and then WHAM all of a sudden the mid to high 90’s hit. Just brutal, but in a non-complaining, I would not rather have snow kind of way! Thank goodness for central air. I’m just praying it makes it through another summer. We have a very old unit and two years ago we were told we’d be lucky if it made it through that summer. Fingers and everything else crossed!! Oh and thank you to my husband for standing out at the hot grill in the heat so we could have burgers and dogs on Memorial Day!

3. Packing for camp. Apparently my blog post from this week has caused a bit of a stir amongst other camp parents who either can’t believe how super organized am I, or feel that I am making them look bad. Well, you all can feel rest assured. I have done nothing except ask my 13 year old to bring me the bins and bags from the attic. They have been sitting on my bedroom floor for the past week untouched. And will most likely stay that way for another week until the holy **** I need to pack for camp panic starts to set in. I did blog about packing though, so that counts for something right?

4. Book news. I love that every week I can announce I am one step closer to releasing NATE ROCKS THE WORLD! This week I was presented with a mock up of the interior design. As with everything that Deana at Book Starter has done, I love it! I am now working on figuring out formatting for all the different e-book readers. My book release date is still on track for July and getting closer every day! I hope to have chapter 1 available for free download on my website very soon!

5. Commentluv. I have been reading a LOT of other blogs lately. They are all amazing. There is a big buzz in the blog world about which is better – Blogger (who I use) or WordPress. One of my new Twitter friends suggested to me that the comment section on Blogger was less then ideal when compared to WordPress. I have to agree. However, I am so not tech savvy and when I tried to set up this blog on WordPress, it just got ugly. The fact is, I like Blogger. I like the design templates and I find it very user friendly (despite the problems it was having internally last week.) Instead, I ran across Commentluv, the comment plugin available on WordPress, and discovered I could use it on Blogger. Are you still with me? To make a long story short – I have a new comment system. Check it out & leave me a comment!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend – thanks for checking in. See you next Friday… and hopefully sooner!


Let's BEE Friends



>Scenes from My Shower

April 26, 2011

>Get your mind out of the gutter… this is not that kind of blog!

It occurred to me (while in the shower) today, that I actually get more accomplished in my fifteen minute shower than I do at any other time. I’m not referring to my hygiene (although you can be assured that hygiene practices certainly do take place).

I am talking about ideas, plans, lists and tasks. All of these seem to rush at me the moment I step into the water. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that no one is talking, crying, whining or yelling. (And by no one, I mean my children. On second thought, they may be doing all of the above, but since I can’t here them, it doesn’t matter.) I also appreciate the fact that nothing is ringing, beeping, or buzzing. What ever the reason, my time in the shower is most productive.

The shower is where I came up with the story lines for both of my books. It is where I come up with most of my ideas for my blog posts (including this one). It is even where I wrote most of my speech for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. It is where I think of the best retorts to conversations long past (so frustrating!). I also think of items to add to my calendar and grocery lists. I come up with recipes, gift ideas and various other tasks I need to remember to do during the day. Which leads me to my dilemma – how to remember my ideas once I turn the shower off?

I do keep a pad and pen close by, but unless I want a runny mess that I cannot decipher later, I need to dry off first. Unfortunately, those few seconds usually result in me forgetting the perfect wording that had been in my head just moments earlier. That is, assuming I make it from the bathroom to the pad of paper without being accosted by one of the above-mentioned children. Should that happen, then both the wording and the idea are gone indefinitely.

Also while in the shower, I have thought up solutions to help retain these shower-induced thoughts. They include a waterproof hand held voice-recorder and a waterproof whiteboard with waterproof pen/ink that could hang on the shower wall. Should anyone like to develop such products, feel free.

The idea for the end of this post did not make it to the paper on time… but there is always hope it will come back to me during tomorrow’s shower.


September 15, 2010

>I’ve promised (& promised) and here it is! I found this excerpt from my story fitting as my blog posts this week highlight two wonderful charitable organizations.

~~The year is 1987~~

Thank goodness we have reserved parking, because when we arrive on campus, there is absolutely nowhere to park. In addition to the concert goer’s cars, media vans are everywhere.

We arrive at our seats in the front row as Kevin takes the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Kevin screams into the microphone above the roar of the crowd, “Welcome to our first annual Rother Foundation Benefit Concert. We’re so excited to have you all here with us.”

He waits for the applause to quiet down and continues, “There are children in this world who are not as fortunate as all of us. They cannot walk into their public library and read a book; they do not have books to read in school, they do not have newspapers or comics, dictionaries or encyclopedias. Many of them cannot even read at all. The Rother Foundation, was founded to help these children; to help build libraries, to supply books, and to teach them to read. We rely on the kindness of people like you, to provide resources that will help us help them. We thank each and every one of you who came out today to support us. We especially thank James Bishop and Spectrum for coming out here today!”

Kevin waits as the crowd erupts in cheers.

“Before we get started, I would like to take a minute to thank the fabulous team of student interns and support staff that helped make this all possible,” Kevin motions for us to stand up and wave. My hands start to sweat as I nervously rise from my seat, grateful he does not ask us all to get on stage.

“And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Ladies and Gentlemen – – SPECTRUM!” Kevin extends his hand as he rushes off the stage.

You know I can’t give away too much now, but let me know what you think & I’ll keep posting 😉